Project 3


The purpose of Project 3 was to actually get the quadcopter into the air, and possibly make it autonomously hover in place.  Since the copter mechanical design was mostly finished during Project 2, Project 3 consisted mostly of the quadcopter software development and some minor troubleshooting tasks with electronics.  In order to control the copter, the team decided to modify AeroQuad software to meet the demands of our configuration.  To control the copter, we put together a Logitech Dual Action gamepad attached to a laptop and Arduino remote station.  After extensively customizing the software, the team worked to stabilize copter in flight by tuning several proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers, which take inputs from the accelerometer and gyroscope.

Completed Quadcopter

Electronic Materials

Many of the materials listed here were also in Project 2.



Non-electronic Materials



In order to fly the quadcopter using a remote PS2 controller while keeping it stable in the air, we opted to use the Aeroquad software and modify the radio receiver and motor capabilities to suit our hardware.  Once the software seemed to be free of bugs and could adequately control the motors using our Mystery ESCs, we performed a number of test flights and simultaneously fine-tuned the many PID controllers within Aeroquad.  To mitigate any damage during a crash, we set up a very large sheet to catch the quadcopter softly.  Finally, we also ran into a number of problems with the motors and props during flight testing, and these issues are detailed in our troubleshooting section.


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  1. Bom dia,
    Estou estudando o arduino UNO para a obtenção de pelo menos girar meus motores que já estão fixos em um protótipo de um quadricóptero. Queria saber como você conseguiu programar o arduino, qual a forma de onda que é criada para acionar os ESCs e girar os motores, só está faltando a programação, o resto do protótipo já está bonitinho !

    Acadêmico em Automação Industrial.
    Flávio Gomes dos Santos

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  3. hey iwant to make a quadracopter as my final yr engg project. Iam studying in B.E mechanical. What accessories i can add to it except camera?

  4. Hi we are working on a project on quadcopter. We want to use aeroquad software but we dont want to use any shield. We are using arduino mega, 6Dof GY521, nrf905. Without shield how can we connect components to arduino??

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  6. Hi,

    Could you send me the code? I’m trying to do a quadcopter too, but I didn’t get good results to communicate MPU 6050 and NRF24L01, I would like to use your code to help me, ok?

    Thanks my friend!

  7. Hi I really like all of your contributions to quads and arduino and I myself am starting a similar project, although on a smaller scale. Would it be possible to compile all of your work(i.e all of these pages (Project 1 -3)) in an easy to print pdf ?

  8. Hello everyone!
    how connect optical flow sensor to APM2.6 board ? Do the same to connect this sensor to apm2.5?

    I would be happy if the answer!

  9. hi
    good work, i have being reading your site for some time now, and want to say well job for this wonderful work. currently am doing my bsc project on quadcoter but i want to use xbee for communication, i see you used NRF24L01, please any help on how i can use xbee. Also an controlling the quad via a GUI built using pyqt and game pad as joystick for control. thank

  10. How to control quadcopter when all bldc motor calibrated at different pwm values ,I am having difficulty in flying ,as 1bldc start very late

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